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Whether at work, on stage, or in life, you need to perform your best.
And you want to do so authentically - bringing the true you to the stage.

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Do you want to become a natural, comfortable, and empowered speaker?

Are you a
 conscious entrepreneur or professional, oriented toward self-development... who wants to change lives and the world?

Do you experience "stage fright" in life? When speaking in professional or personal situations, do you feel nervous or uncomfortable? Do you dream about becoming a masterful performer on your own personal stage - and wish you had your own personal guide to help you catapult to a new level? You may be seeking help in one of 3 areas:
  • Transforming fears and nerves into relaxed confidence, through proven, time-tested methods
  • Crafting keynotes that get standing ovations
  • Becoming a dynamic, engaging speaker and presence
Get the expert guidance you need to thrive and succeed in your mission to make your world a better place. Work with Jonathan Bender, the founder of WholeSpeak, LLC, or with an extensively trained WholeSpeak Coach.

Why is WholeSpeak, LLC different? We work with the whole person, to help you express yourself both eloquently and authentically - even feel good in the process - and get bottom-line results. Through WholeSpeak's transformational, integrative approach, you will quickly increase your presence, ease and mastery. 

In standard terms, WholeSpeak offers workshops, seminars and one-on-one coaching throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and the United States, on topics including:

In "ultimate" terms, WholeSpeak coaching and workshops help you step into your power, express yourself with ease - and fulfill your life purpose. Regardless of what skills you seek, the end result is that you feel good - because we teach you how to be an even happier, healthier, wholer version of you - wherever you go, and whatever you do.

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