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Here are just a few testimonials about WholeSpeak coaching and workshops. To read others, check out WholeSpeak on Yelp.

Chris Zydel"I am a workshop leader, a teacher and a creative entrepreneur. Which means that I am constantly having to convey information to my students through talks, or market my services through interviews.  But speaking was one of those "necessary evils" related to my business that I neither enjoyed or felt very competent at.

Working with Jonathan turned that around dramatically. And actually, very quickly. I had visions of it taking many months or longer before I achieved confidence and ease with speaking. But in a mere five sessions my experience of speaking changed from  dread to excitement. I found that my true voice had been there all along. I just needed the grounded, warm, and compassionate presence that Jonathan provided to relax into my natural style of expression. And he made the whole experience fun ... and very playful.


As an added bonus, he also provided wise counsel and very helpful strategies about how to approach my business as a whole, with the focus on making it serve me in more nurturing and sustainable ways. Working with Jonathan has truly changed my life. Give him a call and allow him to change yours." - Chris Zydel, Creative Juices Arts

"Jonathan was wonderful in being gentle – and yet encouraging us to go further. I especially liked that whenever we had issues or barriers to something, he listened and validated it – and gave us other ways to see it. That was awesome!"

"I was scared to death, but you made me feel comfortable with myself while you helped me improve."

"It has affected me a lot. Months later, I am still enjoying the benefits from your wonderful class in many ways. Such a wonderful, affirming teacher.  I will certainly recommend you to everyone."

"The Acting Into Awareness class taught me more about myself than any other class or seminar I have ever attended.  I wasn't quite sure what I would get out of the class when I started.
What I learned most was that movement is the key to understanding yourself. Jonathan makes this class fun, exciting, and demanding. If you want to challenge yourself, this is the class to take."

"I had always had anxiety about public speaking, and this had worsened over the last year.  I'm called to do public speaking more often and I wanted to get comfortable enough to enjoy the experience. Jonathan Bender has been most helpful to me in this effort.  First, he creates an environment of acceptance and safety.  Then he skillfully integrates cognitive teachings and movement exercises designed to deepen the felt experience of whole body communication. His articulate and intelligent analysis of style and content delivery were invaluable to me.  I gave a talk following my work with Jonathan and I realized the benefits of working with him. I had fun, and it was well received.  I recommend his work as a teacher and a coach."
- Carolyn Bartlett, LCSW