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Executive Presence

Executive Presence Coaching 
You run a corporation or a growing startup. Everyone looks up to you - the role model for an entire organization. Do you have the full power and presence necessary to positively effect change and influence others?

The manner in which a CEO speaks to their board, staff and the public can make or break the company. For example, knowing the difference between coming off aggressively versus assertively cannot be underestimated.

Executive Presence Coaching helps executives step into their full light, and - as well anyone who desires to experience and convey inner and outer strength, while also remaining accessible.  Areas of coaching include:
  • Creating a relaxed presence and building confidence
  • Optimal nonverbal communication
  • Top-notch speaking skills
  • Speech writing and keynotes
  • Enhancing your personal charisma
  • Creating a stronger sense of connection with your staff and the public

And, for your staff...
Team Building and Interpersonal Skills
Anyone in the corporate world knows the importance of maintaining harmony and good rapport among coworkers. Even though a team is working 
closely together in the same field, they don't necessarily possess the same temperaments. When pressures build due to a looming deadline, tensions easily become exacerbated if they haven't been taught how to deal with it skillfully.

This is where performance techniques enter the picture. Don't picture silly theater games. Rather, envision cutting-edge training used by internationally known ensemble theater companies (which create work not necessarily with a director, but as a group). Ensemble theaters depend on methods that help their performers work together harmoniously, as well as to create shows together.

By adapting these techniques for the business world, coworkers learn to connect in an entirely new way. While designed to meet your needs, workshops may be three hours, a full day, or ongoing. Results include:
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved listening and communication skills
  • Learning different communication styles - and how to utilize them to your advantage with clients and coworkers
  • A shared vocabulary for addressing - and resolving - interpersonal issues
  • Enhanced enjoyment and workplace satisfaction 

To discuss how WholeSpeak can create greater connection, workplace enjoyment and improved sales, 
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