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Workshops for Everyone
The following are just a few of the workshops and classes that have been offered by WholeSpeak; while no upcoming dates are currently scheduled, others are in the works. If you're interested in a particular one, email us.

The Performance of Your Life(TM)
How would life be different if you viewed it as a play, where you were a character? What if your everyday life was actually an unconscious performance, in which "all the world's a stage?" Using acting, vocal,and performance training techniques, this workshop experientially studies life and identity as ongoing yet often unconscious performances. Combined with simple awareness practices, we nonjudgmentally and compassionately observe ourselves and others, andl earn how to make new choices. 
  • Gain a greater degree of self-awareness, personal power, playfulness and joy bylearning new ways to "perform" in the course of your day.
  • Learn practical skills to enhance self-expression.
  • A fun and engaging way to both gain skills and explore what it means to be human.
Note that while this work is transformative and therapeutic, it is not therapy. Opportunity is given to voice one's experience within the work, but the focus is on experiential learning. 
For more information on the underlying philosophy of the class, read about everyday life performance 

Have you ever wished you could feel and act as free as performers you see on stage? Want to improve your public speaking skills? Improve yourself-expression? Introducing our signature workshop series.
WholeSpeak: Whole Self Expression
More than just a public speaking class, this three-part series guides you through a process to help your “everyday performance” become liberated, authentic, and consummate.
  • Learn the mechanics and ABC’s of effective speaking
  • Broaden your voice, expanding pitch, resonance and tone
  • Expand your physical expression and range of movement
  • Overcome fear and find true confidence and presence
WholeSpeak Level 1: Unshackling Expression
The way we normally express ourselves may feel "natural," but it's really a chain of habits that prohibits us from expressing our true selves. This liberating workshop takes participants into a safe and exploratory process to find a wide range of expression, speaking skills, and self-acceptance.
WholeSpeak Level 2: Cultivating Expression

Deepen skills and expand physical, vocal and emotional expression. Build a concrete vocabulary of expression that can be used for any type of presentation or performance.
WholeSpeak Level 3: Extraordinary Expression
The culminating workshop of the series. Find deeper integration of the skills learned and new levels of expression. Includes time to work on your own projects and goals.  

Dynamic Voice and Presence: Communication and Vocal Skills for Yoga/Movement Instructors
Yoga, fitness and movement instructors know the importance of proper physical alignment, to prevent injury and maximize benefit. It’s also essential to fully align the voice with the body. This workshop approaches speaking as a fully embodied act. Within a safe environment, specific skills are taught to both protect and greatly increase the scope of the spoken voice. Designed for teachers and instructors, but all are welcome to desire to transform their voice.

If your voice feels strained after talking too long - or if you feel it’s stuck in a particular place, such as being too high - this class is for you. Please wear clothing suitable for a movement class.
  • Integrate proper breathing into your speaking, to protect your voice
  • Relax into the act of speaking and self-expression
  • Improve diction and clarity
  • Connect more effectively with your class
  • Vastly expand your range of pitch, tone and feeling